Retro Run

Let me start by saying that I will refer to this race in the future as the 41-minutes of hell.

Tonight marked a huge milestone for me – my very first 5K! Hubby and I ran the Retro Run in Greensboro. The race winded around the VERY HILLY roads that surround the country club. The houses were beautiful, the weather was finally clear (it had pretty much rained all afternoon leading up to the race), and I was dressed in my fabulous 80s get up.

Retro Run 2012

So, for those that follow, I’ve been babying a sore left leg for almost a month now. My longest period of constant running has been less than a mile, but I’ve managed to get two run/walks in during the last month. So, what had become an almost 9:25 mile, is now back down to a 12ish minute mile. It’s amazing how quickly you lose endurance and speed.

Okay, tangent. Back to the story. So this was my first race – EVER. They blew the horn and everyone took off and what did I do? Exactly what I have been telling my husband not to do for months. I started WAY TOO FAST. I looked back and hubby was a good distance behind – well, that didn’t last long! It was long before I realized that I’d already screwed myself and started to slow down, and then start to walk.

Once I got over (well, I’m still working on getting over) the fact that so many people were passing me, I decided to focus on the main objective of this race – to finish. Somewhere along the way I realized the lady in front of me was doing intervals. So I asked if I could run with her. Did that for a while then realized I was slowing her down so I let her go ahead. She’s doing the Disney Princess Half as well so that was nice short convo. She said it is FLAT. Hallelujah! I managed to keep in her in sight the rest of the race and just paced myself based on her, even though I was a little behind her.

What amazed me was how FREAKING FAST some of these people are. I was climbing one of the monstrous hills while getting passed by a ton of people coming the OTHER direction. I thought, okay cool we get to the top of this hill and then we turn around. I can do this. WRONG. We went to the top of the hill and then went around another neighborhood and eventually made our way back to that hill to come down. Having heard the winners’ times they were all in the 18 minute area. Dear God. I wanted to smack them give them a high five and tell them how awesome I think they are.

It was while coming down said hill that I realized I was only at mile freaking 2. Oh my dear god. These were the longest miles I have ever experienced. My miles seem to fly by when I’m running during the week. But not these miles! So, anyway I finally made it to the finish. I was one of the last to finish. About 6 people brought in the rear several minutes after me.

Hubby did great! He came in at 34 minutes. I am so proud of him. Look at him rocking his Jackie Moon flair

Valley Girl and Jackie Moon

So, now that you’ve heard my uplifting and positive story I’m sure you’re wondering what my time was? Well, it was definitely not 18 minutes! It was 41 minutes. The longest and hardest 41 minutes of my life (well, not counting child birth).

But you know what?That’s okay and here’s why:

  • I finished my FIRST 5K.
  • I learned A LOT.
  • I ran the majority of the race!
  • I continued pursuing my dream of running even after battling my first injury.
  • I looked freaking awesome in my 80s get-up (even if I didn’t win the costume contest).

Another tangent – I have to say I have the BEST. HUSBAND. EVER. He is my biggest cheerleader. He has motivated me and cheered me on throughout this journey. He was waiting on me at the finish line and encouraging me to keep moving. He knows me well enough to know that my first reaction when I saw my time would be to beat myself up, so he stopped me before I could and told me how proud he is of me and great he thought I did. I am so lucky to have him.

So, now that my first race is complete, I’m going to indulge. On what you might ask? On Bojangles Supremes, seasoned fries, a biscuit and an unsweet tea. And even though this meal is probably a day’s worth of calories, do I think I deserve it? To quote Big in “Sex and the City”, “Absa-fuckin-lutely! 🙂

Keep Running,



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. masters2marathons
    Sep 30, 2012 @ 10:29:13

    Congrats on your first race! Hills are def tough and if you weren’t prepared, I can totally understand that it made it a difficult (because I’ve had them kick my butt too!).

    You got through it and you should def keep nursing the knee. Lots of stretching, icing and compression socks!


  2. BlondeAround
    Oct 01, 2012 @ 11:30:53

    Congrats! My first 5k is this Saturday in my hometown Knoxville! It’s the Color Me Rad Run!! Y’all looked Great!!! Good Job!


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