Lessons Learned About Race Attire and Plans for Disney Princess Half

I have now completed two races. One had a costume component; one did not. I have learned a lot of lessons about race attire already.

  1. Wear clothes you have run in before.
  2. Tutus do not make for an easy race.
  3. Dress as if the temperature is warmer than it really is – you’ll heat up – FAST.
  4. Just because you look cute doesn’t mean that you won’t regret your choice a mile in.

So, with all that in mind, I’m thinking about my attire for the Disney Princess Half in February. I’m definitely going to have some type of “costume”, but now I know that I have to make it “runner friendly”.

Hubby is running the half-marathon with me. Best. Husband. Ever. When we had to name our team, I was planning to be Snow White so we named our team “White and Grumpy” (a play off the parody song by Weird Al Yankovick, “White and Nerdy”). But now I’m contemplating changing my character decision and trying to decide between Snow White or the Queen of Hearts. Yes, I know this is a Princess race, but I like to be different and I like the Queen of Hearts. So, my dear blog readers, which would you pick?

I started looking for costume ideas the day I registered for the race. If you’re interested in some of my favorites, check out my Pinterest board here.

A few things I’ve already decided. First, there will be no tutu or bulky skirt in my future. Second, I will definitely be ordering a Team Sparkle skirt. I love these and they look super comfy.

Team Sparkle

More posts related to the Princess Half to come!

Have you ran a race in a fun costume? Is there anything you would have done differently?


Women’s Only 5k – Greensboro 2012


My coworker, Amanda and I before the race started

Yesterday morning, I had the incredible opportunity to participate in the 20th Women’s Only 5K in Greensboro. This event is held annually to raise money for a mammogram scholarship fund that allows women to receive these very important diagnostic screenings even if they cannot afford to pay for it themselves.

Since this was only my second race, I was completely blown away. There were over 3500 registered participants (3167 actually crossed the finish line) of all ages (from 7 and up). Some were elite athletes that ran the race in 19 minutes, others were like me and just starting out on their running journey but managing to jog most of the race, and some chose to walk the entire 3.1 mile course.

Pink was EVERYWHERE. Nearly ever participant wore some shade of pink as we took to the streets to raise money ($117,000!!) and awareness for a very devastating disease – breast cancer. This race was so different from the small Retro Run last weekend. There were people on the side of the roads at nearly every turn. They had cow bells they were ringing, they had posters cheering us on, and they had smiles to help us up the next big hill! The energy and excitement were contagious and I had an absolutely fantastic time! I can’t wait to run it again next year!

My clock time was 41:02. A little better than last weekend’s race. However, I think that my time would have been 39:ish if they had started my chip timer when I actually crossed the start line. With so many people it took us several minutes to get to the actual start line.

Here were my stats from the race:

Clock Time: 41:02

Place Overall: 927/3167

Place Age Division: 117/365

I am so proud of myself for completing another race. Now it’s time to start increasing the mileage to be prepared for the Half in February.

Did you participate in a race this weekend?

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